How Can Rhino Linings Benefit Your Truck?

  Every pickup truck relies on its bed to haul cargo and equipment. Whether you're a worker who counts on your tools to get the job done or a musician who needs space for instruments and sound equipment, pickup beds are a cornerstone of hard workers everywhere. However, not all beds are created equal, and many that come default with trucks are prone to scratches, gouges, and other unsightly marks. If you're the type that wants a truck bed that'll work wonders for you when it comes to resisting the effects of weather or whatever you're hauling, then Rhino Linings might do just the trick. What Are Rhino Linings? Linings for your truck bed are protective layers of a tough, durable film designed to resist scratch marks, extreme temperatures, and all forms of precipitation. If you've noticed your truck bed has starting succumbing to these different forces, then linings might be the answer you're looking for. What's special about Rhino Linings is they're

Benefits of Having My Car Detailed

Getting your car detailed is a big deal. It's not something that you should take lightly. A job that is done right will restore the physical condition and look of your vehicle. This is because it will restore both the interior and the exterior of your car. If you are wondering exactly what detailing can do for your car here is a closer look. Keep Your Paint Job Looking Fresh One of the main things that car detailing can do for you is to help you keep the luster of your car paint. When you travel on the road it is easy to get dirt, dust and all kinds of debris on your vehicle. When you bring your car in for detailing, our technician will put on a coat of wax on the car. You will not only get back your car's shine you will also get a protective barrier over the paint that will help prevent future scratches. Get Back Your Interior Comfort One of the best things about getting your car detailed is the comfort you will get from having a clean interior. When you have your car

Understanding the Different Window Tinting Shades for Your Car

  There are so many options in window tinting nowadays that you've probably wondered about the different shades that are available. When it comes to window tinting options for your vehicle,  shade  isn't just about the level of protection from the sun.  VLT  refers to how much visible light is allowed through the tint, and the properties that car tints have allow VLT levels to be adjusted along with the color. Even windows that are virtually clear can filter out a good amount of sunlight and heat. This is why choosing a tinting shade is usually more about how your tinting  looks . Available Shades of Tinted Films for Automobiles Most tinted films will come in five different shades dark midnight medium light very light Why People Choose Darker Shades If you want the maximum levels of protection plus love the sleek, custom look of dark tinted windows, you will probably want to go with a shade like dark or midnight. Most people ask that their windows be tinted

Does Window Tinting Affect the Temperature in My Car

  You may be wondering whether or not window tinting affects the temperature inside of your vehicle, and the answer is a resounding  yes!  Getting your car windows tinted isn't just for privacy or looking cool. Believe it or not, that thin layer of window tint does an amazing job of blocking sunrays, lowering the overall temperature inside your vehicle. As temperatures outside soar next summer, tinted windows will keep your interior much cooler. Here's the science behind it. How Window Tint Keeps the Heat Out Window tint serves as a barrier between the sun and a vehicle's interior. Tinting films are made from polyester and varying combinations of other materials. These films are designed to block thermal energy from the sun while still allowing an adequate amount of light to shine through. This filtering affect is measured in  visible light transmission unit’s  aka  VLTs . Window tinting specialists like the ones at  Capital Mobile Tint & Customs  will be familiar w

Will a Car Wrap Damage My Paint?

  A car wrap will not damage the paint on your car. In fact, a car wrap may help to preserve the paint on your car. Car wraps can improve the look and quality of the surface of your car in a number of ways. From enhancing the appearance of the body of your car to protect the surface finish, car wraps are a great aesthetic investment for your vehicle. Car Wraps and Car Paint Many people assume that getting a car wrap will ruin their car's paint. In reality, however, a car wrap will not damage the paint of a car. Depending on whether it's factory, a car wrap may even help to protect the paint's surface and preserve the its quality. The vinyl material of a car wrap can act as somewhat of a cover for your car's paint. This ultimately helps to prevent damage that could result to the paint from external factors, such as weather and debris. A car wrap may also be able to provide protection from minor scratches and scrapes that could happen to the surface of a car. Car

Can I Remove Old Window Tint Myself?

  Removing old window tint by yourself is completely possible. However, it requires a whole lot of time, patience and detail. It's much easier and quicker to contact a professional to remove your window tint. What You Need to Remove Old Window Tint There are many resources online to learn the skill of window tint removal .These resources detail various household items you can use to get that old tint off. The process, however, is a lot more complex than these online sources will have you believe. To remove old tint, you'll first need a lot of supplies. If choosing to go with the generic Soap and Scrape method to remove old tint, you'll need: Glass cleaner Dish soap A spray bottle Paper towels or clean rags A razor knife or blade A bucket Newspaper A sponge Water Prepare Your Windows Before Removing After securing all your needed supplies, you'll need to prepare your car windows before embarking on the process of taking off the old tint. If

DIY Window Tint: Vs Professional: Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself.

  Window tinting is a job better left to the professionals. The intricacies and complexities of a proper window tint in Las Vegas is something only a professional could properly do. While it may seem tempting to cut corners and tint your windows yourself, this often leads to a poor job. A poor job initially will ultimately cost more money in the long run. The Complexities Behind Window Tinting There are many online how-to resources for DIY window tinting. What these sources fail to tell you, however, is how delicate and complex of a job it truly is. Before you can even begin to tint your windows, you need to choose the correct film for your vehicle. You can't simply choose the first film that fits. State laws regulate the level and degree of window tints, so you need to take this into consideration when choosing a film. These regulations differ within each state and it requires a professional window tinting company to find the legal film for your state. After finding the leg