Where to Get a Window Tint in Las Vegas?

A window tint can be the perfect way to give your car not only the look you want, but also the protection from the sun you need. All that exposure to UV rays can not only make the car interior too hot to stand, but it can do permanent damage to your leather upholstery and other car interior materials. Keep the car cool, in more ways than one, with a window tint.

But where’s the best place to get a window tint in Las Vegas? Here are a few reasons we can say, with confident, that Capital Mobile Tint is exactly the partner that you need.

Exactly the shade of tint you need If you’ve had a less than satisfactory job done before, then you know by now that all window tints are the same. We know this more than most, which is why we offer a variety of different options to suit your needs. All of our tints offer 99.9% UV protection, but some of them bring additional features like extra heat reduction, carbon tints that are better for your electronics, and tints that are guaranteed to never fade…

Top 3 Benefits of Smoked Lights

Is your car your pride and joy? If so, you will want to make sure that it looks good and that you protect your investment too. There are so many different ways you can go about this, but one option you should definitely consider is smoked tail lights and head lights. Read on to discover three benefits associated with going down this route.
What are smoked tail lights? Before we reveal more about the key benefits that are associated with smoke lights, it is important to establish what this actually means. Essentially, smoked lights are tail lights that have been tinted. You are able to choose to what degree the are tinted. While blacked out tail lights are available, most prefer the smoked look, which is a bit lighter. So, why would you want to go for this customization of your vehicle?
Why smoked tail lights are a no brainer Now that you have a better understanding regarding what smoked vehicle lights are, let’s take a look at three of the key benefits associated with going down this …

When's The Right Time To Get Your Car Tinted?

Having your vehicle tinted can improve its appearance, increase its lifespan and prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. Whether you’re driving a brand new car or a much-loved, pre-owned vehicle, there’s no bad time to get your car tinted. In fact, the sooner you get your car tinted, the sooner you’ll benefit from the increased protection it offers.

Reducing Heat Transference
Whilst many people adore the visual that tinting your car creates, it also has a range of practical benefits. Minimizing heat transfer is one of the best features of auto tinting, particularly in Las Vegas where temperatures can skyrocket.

Whether you opt for heat rejection via a standard tint, heat rejection of over 44% with a carbon tint, over 54% sun rejection with high performance tinting, 56% heat blocking with carbon XP tints or 85% blocking of infrared heat with a ceramic tint, you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on the interior of your vehicle.

As well as helping to protect sensitive electronics, aut…

When is it Time to Remove Your Window Tint?

There are lots of reasons why drivers in the Las Vegas area choose to get their windows tinted. Some value the anonymity that tinted windows afford them. Some find the dazzling Nevada sun too glaring for them as they make their way to their chosen destination and find that a window tint helps to reduce glare to help them stay in control of their vehicle. And then there are those who simply do it because it looks cool. Over the years we’ve dealt with lots of different customers and all have their own reasons for choosing tinted windows.

Yet, as much as you may love the look and feel that your window tint affords you, it’s important to recognize the signs that tell you your tint should be removed. Whether through aging, heat exposure or poor fitting here are some signs that will tell you it’s time to remove that tint…

It’s peeling or bubbling
With summer fast approaching, the Vegas heat can really do a number on your tint job. On a sunny day, it’s not uncommon for your car to be exposed …

How To Advertise With Las Vegas Car Wraps

Are you looking to advertise your business? Are you interested in a new way of showcasing what your business can do to the local area and beyond? Do you want the chance to advertise everywhere you go? Then Capital Mobile Tint’s car wraps are perfect for you!

What Are Car Wraps?

Las Vegas car wraps are a great way to showcase your business. Vinyl is used to wrap around the car to cover it. Customers can decide to use car wraps for any reason – even to change the color! But, one of the main and most exciting reasons for why you might like to wrap your car in Las Vegas, is to advertise.

When you wrap your car, you have constant and consistent advertising all year round – you can even change it too. Let’s take a look at exactly how you can wrap your car with Capital Mobile Tint.

The Type Of Wrap

But what kind of wrap do you want to go for? Because here at Capital Mobile Tint, we are specialists in a full range of surfaced. We offer custom car wraps, boat wraps, fleet wraps, slot machine wr…

Auto Detailing in Las Vegas

Auto detailing in Las Vegas helps you take a tired- and sorry-looking car and transform it into something that looks, fresh, updated and - dare it be said - new.

But what is auto detailing? And how can it benefit you?

Auto Detailing In Las Vegas

Auto detailing is a catch-all term that refers to a set of services designed to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle. It includes things like waxing the existing paintwork to make it look shinier, spraying new paint, detailing sections of the car like the brake calipers, and improving the appearance of the interior. Auto detailing, therefore, is an ideal service for people who love their cars and want to upgrade their appearance as well as for people thinking about selling in the near future.

Many benefits come with auto detailing in Las Vegas:

Keep Your Headlights Looking Fresh

Over time, the sun’s UV rays can damage car headlights, making them look cloudy. Not only is this cloudiness unattractive, but it can also compromise the performance…

Clear Bra Application at Capital Mobile Tint & Customs

When you invest in a high quality or prestige vehicle you want your investment to last. That’s why you take the care to service it regularly, replacing oil and filters as and when they are needed. You wash and wax it regularly to ensure that it looks glorious, glimmering in the Las Vegas sun like something out of a car commercial. You inspect your tires regularly to ensure that they’re in good shape, properly inflated and that your suspension is perfectly balanced. You inspect your paint job with a practiced eye, watching out for tiny dents, chips and scratches with laser-like precision.

You know that an errant stone or piece of wind borne debris can cause damage to your vehicle, damaging the perfect aesthetic that you’ve worked hard to preserve. It can be time consuming and annoying having to repair minor damage like this incurred in the harsh driving conditions of Las Vegas freeways.

As with most things, prevention is the best cure, and for those who are serious about protecting the…